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The German Shepherd Dog is unique: A loyal companion, attentive, intelligent, docile and biddable.

The highly intelligent and exceptionally versatile German Shepherd Dog
is one of the most widely distributed and popular breeds of dog in the world.
It is a sensitive working dog that is predisposed to carrying out a lot of work. Its nature and characteristics can be described as agile, strong and very happy to have a purpose.
It has a great temperament and is brave, robust, well-adjusted, unbiased 
and absolutely good-natured – unless aggravated or attacked by a stranger. A German Shepherd Dog will follow explicit protection orders consistently, bravely and in a flash.

Attentive, highly intelligent, docile and biddable, the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most loyal companions a human can have.
It is territorial and exceptionally vigilant with a distinct protective drive. It has been a valued police dog, military search and rescue dog, guard and protection dog, guide dog and reliable family member all over the world since 1882. The German Shepherd Dog is a demanding companion that needs a careful, consistent upbringing with lots of meaningful activity and close contact with its master. When kept busy and raised well, it proves to be a close, reliable
family dog. When given attention and things to do every day, a German Shepherd Dog becomes a truly special, loyal and lovable member of the family.

Deutscher Schäferhund Campus, the centre of the German quality standard, stands for first-rate services

  • in strict compliance with animal protection legislation
  • with its own services and certificates based on scientific findings
  • is independent of general and/or specific clubs and associations in terms of keeping, breeding, training and selling and in terms of combined owner and dog training.

The German Shepherd Dog is a demanding companion that needs a careful, consistent upbringing with lots of meaningful activity and close contact with its master.

DSC Institut® for healthy breeding and functional training that are typical for the breed.

The German Shepherd Dog is known all over the world as a friend and helper to human beings. Its important potential uses qualify it as the most universal working dog and as such the forerunner for the nine most important and combinable training objectives:

rescue dog

sniffer dog

guard dog

protection dog for private individuals

working dog for authorities and security firms


guide dog

disability assistance dog

leisure dog for sporting activities

companion dog

Our customers choose the strengths and characteristics they wish their German Shepherd Dog to possess. The DSC Institut sets to work and takes charge of the personalised breeding and functional combination of training expected by our customers.

As its name suggests, the German Shepherd Dog originated in Germany.

It is a large, muscular dog with a slightly elongated build, long muzzle and a long, bushy tail. Its pointed ears are large and upright. 
Its coat is low-maintenance, thick and resistant to snow, rain, heat and cold, and can be short or long (a double coat or long single coat). In general, the German Shepherd Dog has a black, grey, auburn or reddish yellow coat, either as a single colour or with light highlights. Bred as the Old German Shepherd Dog, the variety with the double coat consisting of a coarse, medium-length outer coat and a dense undercoat has now established itself.

The height at the withers is 60-65 cm for males and 55-60 cm for females.
Males weigh 30-40 kg and females weigh 22-32 kg.
The average life expectancy of a German Shepherd Dog is 11-13 years.

Services of the DSC

The dogs are bred and trained to reflect the current national and international characteristics – without the (often questionable) rituals of dog shows that follow the traditions of clubs and associations that take a toll on both the dog and owner.


  • Species-appropriate dogs are sold from
    a) Independent breeding b) Certified purchases from breeders
  • Training for a specific task
  • Combined training of human and dog for a specific task
  • Sourcing of veterinary and therapeutic services
  • General sale of accessories and services

DSC Akademie® for species-appropriate dog ownership and expert dog handling.

The following services make us unique: We meet your breeding and training specifications and the unique DSC Akademie on our campus provides dogs and owners alike with tailored training for species-appropriate dog ownership and expert dog handling.

The DSC Akademie is a training centre for dogs and their owners. They stay on the campus or in a local boarding house.

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