The German Shepherd Dog is unique.

The highly intelligent and exceptionally versatile German Shepherd Dog
is one of the most widely distributed and popular breeds of dog in the world.
It is a sensitive working dog that is predisposed to carrying out a lot of work.

Its nature and characteristics can be described as agile, strong and very happy to have a purpose.
It has a great temperament and is brave, robust, well-adjusted, unbiased 
and absolutely good-natured – unless aggravated or attacked by a stranger. A German Shepherd Dog will follow explicit protection orders consistently, bravely and in a flash.

Attentive, highly intelligent, docile and biddable, the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most loyal companions a human can have.
It is territorial and exceptionally vigilant with a distinct protective drive.

It has been a valued police dog, military search and rescue dog, guard and protection dog, guide dog and reliable family member all over the world since 1882.

The German Shepherd Dog is a demanding companion that needs a careful, consistent upbringing with lots of meaningful activity and close contact with its master. When kept busy and raised well, it proves to be a close, reliable
family dog.

When given attention and things to do every day, a German Shepherd Dog becomes a truly special, loyal and lovable member of the family.

The German Shepherd Dog is unique:
it is a companion, guard and protector.

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